Warnings about Pluto in 2020

What if Pluto’s influence on our civilization injects a disruptive, but necessary, an element that forces us to clean up our act and get serious about displaying Love-Acceptance-Wisdom? Something magical can happen when we choose to live in balance and act from that higher level. A Numerologist Looks at Warnings about Pluto in 2020 by Sandra Marre-Houser     Astrologers stare unblinkingly at 2020 when short, dark, menacing Pluto socially engages with other powerful planets. Pluto, acting like an overly-authoritarian father, had seven square-offs with his technology-savvy son, Uranus back in 2012-15. However, Uranus has moved out of the house and is making his career plans. As ruler of the Aquarian Age, we can expect Uranus to leave his not-so-gentle mark on the upcoming 2,000 years. The rich and manipulative Pluto will now be entertaining other members of the family: Uncle Saturn (limitation, discipline, pessimism), Aunt Jupiter (optimism, excesses), and even Cousin Mars (energy, aggression) will be arriving for visits, each taking turns interacting with Father Pluto and with each other! Pluto will tire by the end of 2020, but he is anticipating his big Birthday Party in 2022 when he celebrates by returning to the place where he was discovered in 1930 as the Great Depression began. There is more than just mild apprehension about the symbolism of this event! Pluto continues to be active beyond 2024 when he enters Aquarius for 20 years. He is expected to dismantle what is positive about Aquarius: concern for social welfare and ideals around humanity as a group. A numerologist attempts to translate into an amusing story what astrologers have painstakingly uncovered as warnings to our culture about deep changes that face us. Astrology is something like an opera sung in the language of geometry. If we know the character’s basic energy…

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