I can’t believe I started this in 2016.

It was just an outlet, so I could find some peace.  Next thing I know people were subscribing and it took a life of it’s own.

I want to thank you for that.

I was so naïve back then, didn’t realize the amount of work it was going to become.

Then I heard about SEO, Google Algorithm, front end, back end, and my favorite of all, Web Hosting.

Then the disclaimers, ADA compliance, FTC  regulations, and on and on and on.

Then I had to learn about all of the above!

It literally got to be a second job.  What was supposed to be a release, tuned into a new Stressor!







So, my hosting screwed me up, lost everything and had to rebuild.  Excellent learning lesson on Backups.  Which made the subsequent rebuilds a ton easier.  As  you can see it grows and grows.

After another couple of bouts with different Hosting Providers, I was at a crossroads.

It had gotten to the point the FUN was gone.

All the while dealing with this Chaos, we life.

I work for a local government entity that has used the Pandemic as an excuse to drag their feet on our contract.

Then it this chaos we call hit me hard,  with losing my brother, my sister, two sister-laws, and a nephew within a year.

Being the youngest you should be the last.  Why would you  really think about it until it became a reality.

I became an orphan.  There wasn’t anybody to call and celebrate Alabama’s National Championship with (except my wife and son).

Alabama! It’s a family thing.

All of this forced me to focus on more important things.








To make a short story long, I’m back.

The one lesson I’ve learned through living and especially since the Pandemic.

You never know when you have  the Last conversation with someone.

Until you find out it was actually the LAST conversation with that someone.!

If you care for someone LET THEM KNOW! Again! and Again! and Again!

Anyhow, Part of the Fun of restarting is that you can try a lot of new things!

So there will be changes.

This is a work in progress again!

So, watch out!

Who knows what’s coming?

Thanks for coming, please leave me feedback, so I can learn and grow.

If you like the site share comments on social media, I can use the support.

Give me some inspirations items that are important to you.

Take CARE of yourself and those close to you and be SAFE!

Awesome Sauce,