Three Impossible Things We Can’t Do Without

By Deepak Chopra, MD

If you want to know what human beings really want, consider how Alice reacts to Wonderland. Lewis Carroll’s inventions are so entertaining, we tend to smile at how upset, vexed, and unsettled Alice actually is. Wonderland overturns our regular, orderly, and predictable life, which is what people actually want.

The inhabitants of Wonderland aren’t just fantastic. They are unhappy. The White Rabbit is anxious enough to be a study in stress over a deadline. The Duchess’s cook throws dishes in a state of rage, and the Duchess herself hands Alice her squalling baby, which turns into a pig. Alice is very glad to get out of there. But Wonderland haunts us, and for good reason.

We are shadowed in everyday life by fear of the unknown and unpredictable, and perpetual chaos would be intolerable. To assuage our fears, we have mentally constructed a picture of life that is reassuring, but wrong. There’s a kind of silent conspiracy to impose logic, reason, order, and predictability which actually isn’t there in Nature.

As an Oxford mathematician, under his real name of Charles Dodgson, Carroll was deeply attached to order, reason, and logic. In the Alice books he was sending two messages that modern people still believe in. The first has already been mentioned: It is better to live an orderly, well-organized life than its opposite, a disorderly and messy life. The second message is that the natural world runs on logical and predictable cause-and-effect. This message is sent by reverse example, since Wonderland is the place where the Red Queen “believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Alice laughs at this, but there are at least three impossible things that everyone cannot do without. The first, known as intuition, defies logic, because intuition strikes out of the blue, giving rise to sudden insights, breakthroughs, and discoveries. Without it, the modern world wouldn’t exist—we might not even have the wheel.

The second impossible thing is synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences, which defies cause-and-effect. Without synchronicity, diverse areas of the brain could not perform precisely coordinated activities; in fact, no cell could. Hard as it might be to credit, your whole body is held together by synchronicity, because gravity, electromagnetism, and chemical bonding aren’t enough to keep your body from flying apart into a cloud of atoms and molecules. Every force that acts upon you, every chemical reaction, and the hum of electricity in every cell must act in perfect accord to keep you intact. Mechanical cause-and-effect can do no more than make physical objects glom together lifelessly.

The third impossible thing is more technical and is known as quantum entanglement. Two subatomic particles like an electron or photon can be paired so that no matter how far apart they are, if one undergoes a change, it will be instantaneously mirrored by the other in complementary fashion. Quantum entanglement happens instantaneously even across billions of light years, therefore defying the speed of light.

Einstein’s famous phrase for this, “spooky action at a distance,” reflected his disbelief that the speed of light could be defied. He spent the second half of his life trying to make sense of the phenomenon, and such was Einstein’s prestige that it has taken highly complex, expensive experiments (the latest involved using light from quasars billions of light years away, passing through some of the world’s biggest telescopes) to settle once and for all that he was wrong.

These three impossible things have such vast and unsettling implications that whole books have been written about each, but the upshot is that we are all Alice. We have settled into regular, orderly lives where predictability, logic, cause and effect, and the general theory of relativity operate, while on the fringes our existence is shadowed by impossible things. It is hard to realize that both worlds are equally valid as the framework of existence, and even harder to see that all the order, logic, rationality, and predictability is solely the construct of the human mind.

Standing back without any agenda in mind, you cannot help but observe that human beings are as intensely irrational as they are rational, that the creation of life on Earth has required the destruction of millions of prehistoric species in order to make way for Homo sapiens, and that science’s cherished laws of nature are constantly confronted with chaotic, random activity everywhere in the cosmos (not to mention in our bodies, where cancer is thought to be a runaway genetic mistake).

There’s a lot of skepticism about impossible things—the impossible things always win in the end, however—and a lot of propaganda, about how to make your dreams come true though making money, leading the ideal family life, constantly consuming more and more, etc. The three impossible things we’re discussing here haven’t shattered this illusion, but global climate change has a good chance of doing the job for us. The prosperous lives of consumers carelessly leaving huge carbon footprints has to change to avoid climate catastrophe, and yet the illusion of normality makes people cling to a lifestyle that only brings the peril closer.

One of the impossible things, intuition, might save us, in the form of new bright ideas that can be transformed into technology to end the imbalance of greenhouse gases. But many of these ideas already exist, but are blocked by our stubborn, perhaps fatal, attachment of what we call normal life. Believing in impossible things has a vastly important legacy and no doubt a future just as important. Science and our understanding of reality depends upon abandoning our illusions, no matter how comfortable they are.

Deepak Chopra MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Chopra is the author of more than 85 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. His latest books are The Healing Self co-authored with Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D. and Quantum Healing (Revised and Updated): Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine. Chopra hosts a new podcast Infinite Potential and Daily Breath available on iTunes or

Epilepsy and seizure prediction

If you’ve ever witnessed someone having an epileptic seizure you’ll know how frightening it is. And if you have epilepsy you’ll know that the unpredictability of seizures severely impacts your life. It’s like an ‘electrical problem’ in your brain. Researchers are now using AI technology to develop a wearable seizure forecaster.

Are You Planting the Seeds for Your Future?

Last week, I was researching a software tool for my business. After reading raving reviews, I decided to try it out. So I posted an inquiry in their forums.

Imagine my surprise when the CEO, Deep, responded to me personally with “Celes, you probably don’t remember but you coached me during some of my tough times. You and Tony Robbins helped me tremendously. You helped me do the limitless. 🙂 ”

Surprised, I quickly scanned my memory of the clients I worked with and realized it’s a coaching client whom I worked with in 2009! The details started flooding back. Deep signed up for my coaching back in 2009, which was 8 years ago. At that time he was a manager in a top bank but felt empty with his work and life. He was also feeling negative and low in confidence. During our sessions, we worked on finding his life direction, creating his career vision, and building his business plan, among other things.

After our sessions ended, Deep left his job and freed himself from his baggage. He traveled for a year, evolved to be a different person, and then started to build a product, which led him to create his software company today. With over 15 million client orders processed, it is helping thousands of business owners today with their businesses and the rewards of his labor are paying off!

Planting Seeds

When I looked back at our coaching logs, it’s remarkable to see Deep’s vision manifested into reality:

  • His life vision: “To generate enormous wealth used to help the human community.”
  • His business vision: “To make awesome tools, information products, and online marketplaces to help small business owners across the world. To be a preferred choice for all our clients, customers and partners.”

That’s exactly what he is doing now.

It got me thinking about the concept of planting seeds. How a seemingly small action can blossom and lead to some unimaginable, amazing outcome later.

For Deep, when he decided to act on his emptiness in life, he didn’t have a grandiose plan to start a world-class business. He just wanted clarity on what to do next. He had planted his first seed — to act on his unhappiness. His second seed was when he took the leap of faith to sign up for my coaching. After all, he didn’t know me personally, and the only thing he knew about me was through my articles.

During one of our sessions, I told him: “Don’t restrict yourself with your situation in life. Don’t worry about whether something is possible, realistic or logical. Just imagine this as your anything-goes menu where you can order anything you want from the universe.”

This really struck Deep deep (no pun intended). Following this direction, he opened his heart, wrote his vision and was extremely inspired by what he wrote. This was the third planted seed. Subsequently, we discussed other things during our calls, including his goals, values, and plans. These planted seeds would germinate and grow into his software company today, with him being the CEO of a team of 12 employees across the United States and India.

It is the same for other goals in life. Every goal, no matter how big, starts off as a seed:

  • Dating — You want to meet the love of your life. It starts by clearing your limiting beliefs surrounding love. Then opening your heart to others. Then meeting new people. Then building relationships. Then assessing the right guy/girl, if the connection is for you. These are some of the things I teach in Soulmate Journey, my course on finding love, and some of my participants have been updating me on their new-found relationships and upcoming nuptials.
  • FriendshipHaving best friends you can rely on doesn’t happen overnight. It starts by being there for others first. Giving without expecting to receive. Being responsive. Making the effort to maintain your friendships. 
  • HealthHaving good health doesn’t come from exercising and eating healthily for one single day. It’s something that you build over time. Choosing healthy over unhealthy food each day. Choosing to be active. Many seeds planted over a long period, every day.
  • Family — Having positive family relationships takes time, especially if your family relationships aren’t perfect to begin with. Caring for them. Doing little acts of kindness. I had a client who made the decision to work on her estranged relationship with her mom. One year after our coaching, their relationship is now in a much more positive place, where they talk with love and understand each other more.
  • Career — Getting an amazing job doesn’t happen overnight. You have to first plan your career. Build your skills and talent stack. Then network and build relationships with industry peers, recruiters, and headhunters.
  • Business — Same for a successful business. It starts with a vision. Then taking an endless series of steps to build your empire. Making endless iterations, adapting every second. Being open to failure and criticism, because these will always be there no matter what you do.

For each seed, you nurture it by giving water, warmth and sunlight. As you do that, it grows into a seedling. Then a sapling. Then a tree.

Big tree

(Image: Gilly Stewart)

The tree here refers to what you want to achieve — run a successful business, have a great career, have a great relationship, have great friends, have great health, be financially abundant, be a prominent figure in your field, have your TV/talk show, move overseas, travel around the world, or some other goal.

The seeds here refer to your first steps to make your goal happen.

Many people often look at the trees, wondering when they are going to get that. Nice, big, gorgeous trees that they want in their garden.

But that’s missing the point. The critical point is not the manifestation of the trees, but the planting of the seeds. Because when you are not planting seeds, how can the trees grow in your backyard? How can you expect to get results, when you have not put in the effort to get things moving?

Corn seed, planted on soil

Corn seeds, ready to be planted into the soil (Image: Mohammed Anwarul)

Planting Seeds in Your Life

This brings me to these questions:

  1. What goals have you been meaning to pursue, but are putting off? In Love? Health? Carer? Business? Family? Friendships? Pick two areas.
  2. What is the first seed you can plant to get it going?
  3. How about the next 3 seeds? What can you do to keep this momentum going?

Say you want to switch to a career in Machine Learning. However, your past experience and skills are not in this area. A possible seed you can plant is to take up a course in Machine Learning. I have a friend who is doing a two-year Masters course in Machine Learning for this very reason — to switch to this field after he graduates. 

If you have an aptitude for programming, you can self-learn with free materials online and tools like TensorFlow. You can develop open-source tools using machine learning, get user feedback and market results (e.g. X number of downloads, featured on XYZ magazine), and highlight these achievements in your resume as validation of your skills in this area. This is exactly what my husband did in the past year, though in a different field, and he’s now able to pivot and switch his career to this new field.

Or say you want to get married at some point. You are 35, single, and constantly tied up with work. Maybe a good first step is to draw some boundaries with work. Stop working all the time and create a cutoff. Set aside a few hours each week to meet new people. Examine if you have inner blocks to love, which is very common for long-standing singles, and engage a coach to help you address these blocks. Staying immersed in work, without opening yourself to others, will not help you get into your dream relationship.

Not all the seeds that we plant will blossom. Sometimes there are seeds that just don’t germinate. For example, when you reach out to a friend to build a connection, but it’s not reciprocated. When you want to build a relationship with someone, but he/she is not interested. When you start a project and put in the due effort, but it doesn’t turn out the way you want. When you try to help someone, but get a negative or lukewarm response. When you open your heart and trust someone, but he/she bites you in the head.

But that doesn’t matter. Not all actions will lead to results. But some will. The goal is to plant as many seeds as possible in pursuing your goal. To plant the right seeds by getting advice from the right people and sources, because these shape your day-to-day thinking and long-term direction. To create so many avenues and possibilities for success, that success is imminent. To never stop taking action.

So… what seeds do you need to start planting? Can you get started right away today? Because the sooner you plant your seeds, the sooner you water them and care for them, the faster they will germinate, grow, and blossom into the beautiful trees you are looking for. 🙂 And how your future will be, 10, 15 years down the road will be shaped by the seeds that you plant today.

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Dementia, sleep and daydreaming

Dementia affects around 450,000 Australians, and it comes in hundreds of forms. New research reveals that one form of dementia takes away the ability to daydream, and this has implications for improved care. Sleep disruption in middle age also emerges as another risk factor. And we hear how, after diagnosis, one person found a meaningful role in breaking down the stigma of dementia.

Ready for Marriage


I work in the hotel industry and I have lived in several countries. I am very satisfied with my job and I feel passion every day at work. The situation is that now I will like to build a family and find a partner, a husband to share my life and to have a family with. I have being living here in L.A. for almost 5 months and I don’t know how to start having a balance in my personal life. I want to have friends and I want to find people to share my time off with. Sometimes I feel I can reach it and sometimes I just feel so alone and I don’t know how to start and take away that emptiness. I admire you and I have read your books. I love my life and I feel I have being blessed with everything I have lived. Still, I am 36 years old and I really need your advice please.

GE 306: Head of Marketing Liam Boogar-Azoulay Reveals How MadKudu Grows 3X EVERY Year (podcast)

Liam Boogar-Azoulay MadKudu

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Liam Boogar-Azoulay, the Head of Marketing at MadKudu, a service that helps companies grow sales by consistently generating relevant conversations with qualified leads.

Tune in to hear Liam discuss how MadKudu uses the past to predict the future, how the business’ success triples each year and how they keep improving upon their business model.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:41] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Growth Everywhere Podcast!
  • [01:50] Liam started his career in France.
  • [02:20] One of the companies he worked for used MadKudu, and after meeting a member of the MadKudu team, he ended up joining the company.
  • [02:50] MadKudu uses the past to predict the future.
  • [04:17] They just released a free version for Intercom customers.
  • [04:25] In order to build a model to predict future outcomes, you have to have enough history.
  • [04:33] There needs to be consistent lead-flow to predict future outcomes.
  • [05:35] 1,000 leads per month is the sweet spot for most MadKudu customers.
  • [06:00] They price a few different ways.
  • [06:03] They price per lead and also price by model.
  • [06:43] They grow by triple digits each year.
  • [06:55] They are a mid-market and enterprise product.
  • [08:50] MadKudu tries to achieve integration with other products in order to create a frictionless buyer journey.
  • [11:15] Liam has a complex way to determine conversions that allows SaaS companies to leverage all the e-commerce-tailored features that make Facebook a good platform, but are traditionally difficult for SaaS companies to do.
  • [13:10] Liam’s priorities this year are working on co-marketing, content, and community.
  • [13:30] There are two additional ways to use Mad Kudu for free:
  • [13:37] Zapier has a white label version of MadKudu called “lead score”.
  • [13:43] Drift has a similar thing called “Intel”.
  • [15:55] One book Liam recommends is Atomic Habits.

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The Truth At the rear of Postponement And Motivation

A lot of people have problems with postponement. It keeps them from living achieved lifestyles and getting to their whole possible.

There are numerous ideas at the rear of why persons waste time and the way to cease, but few strike the toenail for the head and reveal the idea, that’s: Come across Your Enthusiasm When you find yourself fervent, truly passionate about a thing, you’ll not make it possible for you to ultimately put things off.

Individuals with extraordinary push, desire, those who know exactly where they’re going in everyday life and why, they have a eye-sight, they have a passion, plus they determine what adjust they would like to take around the globe.

Not one of them would it only to only profit themselves, though that is certainly often along side it effect.

Come across Something Bigger You Are Acquiring anything, some bring about that is certainly larger than you, one thing you want to be acknowledged on earth that’s the step one to finding your accurate contacting. I believe getting in touch with, but not perform, since function, the daily responsibilities you’ve got, they are usually dull.

The eagerness can be obtained once you have a conclusion goal in view, and get to it you’ll need to be capable of regularly remind your body and spirit in the love you’re feeling when you imagine what it could be would delight in having already completed your primary goal. That enthusiasm will likely be so robust, so engaging, that it’s going to be near on impossible you should do anything else but carry the next phase required to accomplish it.

Delaying merely is not going to even effect your mind.

The Place To Start To locate your interest you need to be truthful to on your own.

Nobody requires to understand you really want, at the very least not at initially.

The fact is that it can be ugly.

That you may drop pals and that all your family members won’t realize you, or they can even be an obstacle.

But, you must plow through that. You may spend your time of mediocrity stuffed with stalling along the way through an additional brain mind-numbing tedious work day that provides that you income by the end of the month, additionally, you can go match your ambitions.

Operate Feels As Though Located The Wish Once more, the simple truth, the truth – they can be ugly.

You might fall short badly for weeks and even several years.

But the experience you receive when you go after your appreciation is unimaginably satisfying.

It is advisable than everything else on the planet, and it is worthy of losing stability or good friends, or both equally on top of it.

I am talking about, consider it, if men and women close to you are not able to you, or anyway tolerate your enthusiasm, why have them all around if you are evidently no match up for one another.

Remove outdated mess that you experienced then one new shows up.

Getting rid of affliction on and on after your enthusiasm will remove putting things off out of the equation with virtually no props, all of which will just make you smile.              

procrastination poster

Selfhelp Advice On The Best Way To Triumph over Low Self Confidence

It’s impossible to have you feeling substandard with no your approval

Do you suffer from minimal self confidence or inferiority complicated?

I will talk about some personal growth advice on the best way to triumph over that will acquire your self confidence.

You might have inferiority complicated simply because the individual perceives that you’ve a should impress people, when truth be known, there isn’t.

Guaranteed, you could be reluctant to offend somebody, such as your good friends, but could there be a need to be sure to them?

Do note that your buddies aren’t your employer or superiors at the office (that is a different framework).

If you decided to inform me that you are frightened of an excellent, that is certainly comprehensible, but if you decided to let me know that you will be scared of people as you think that you are substandard to them, then this is the incorrect thinking process to possess.

You should be at ease close to friends and family.

These are after all friends and family.

Let me continue with these self-help guidelines.

Very low self-confidence can be associated with the alternative people say in regards to you.

What people say may well not actually be derogatory comments.

In reality, they could be cold tough details.

Even so, you have to know that you’ll be worth in excess of other people’s thoughts, or perhaps points.

You might be well worth whatsoever value you place on your self.

Learn to create a healthful confidence and desire for by yourself.

Really have buddies and family members near you who care for you.

If other individuals look after you, why do you want to can’t stand or look down on by yourself?

I will be about to wrap up these selfhelp tips. Prior to The year progresses, I want to provide anything to contemplate.

To become a constructive individual, it is essential that you be able to accept and appreciate by yourself.

You are human, and you have defects.

Nonetheless, do not can’t stand by yourself due to these flaws.

You might have advantages way too.

Learn to increase these strengths as a substitute.

In addition, you might even flip one of your weaknesses in a new strength by bettering on your own.

I think you’ll have learnt something totally new out there self-help recommendations.

Inferiority intricate and low confidence might be get over.

Take into account a few things i have given to you nowadays, and will you develop becoming a assured woman or man.

personal development webinars

Strange Sleep Experience


I am following a spiritual path and your teachings along with Caroline Myss’s work have helped me transform beyond all recognition over the past two years. I am a totally different person in mind, body & spirit now. I have found truth.
However I am having experiences in my sleep that I can’t understand. As I sleep I am aware of my ears and my head buzzing. The sounds I hear are very similar to white noise that buzz on and off and my whole body and head feels aroused. It’s like a charge of electricity. I sometimes sense a light behind my eyes. It feels like it lasts for about 5 minutes and I know that if I wake myself up I will feel terrible so I tell myself to go with the feelings. Despite being asleep, I am observing what is happening.
It has happened about 10 times in the last three’ish years. They are good experiences, almost sexual, like reaching a point of orgasm … but I wonder if you are able to explain what might be happening and if I could enhance the feelings further (as there is a part of me that is frightened to surrender to it all.)
I have suffered for the past ten years with noise in my right ear, which I thought was tinnitus for a time but I now believe it to be an energetic block (it has improved 60% since cutting chemicals from my diet)

The Reality Guiding Stalling And Inspiration

Many people suffer from delay. It helps to keep them from dwelling achieved existence and reaching their full likely.

There are numerous ideas driving why are individuals delay doing things and ways to cease, but couple of reach the nail within the mind and show the purpose, and that is: Find Your Love When you find yourself fervent, genuinely obsessed with one thing, you will simply not make it possible for yourself to waste time.

Those with incredible drive, purpose, people who know where by they are going in your everyday living and why, they have a perspective, they’ve got a love, plus they know what adjust they want to deliver to everyone.

Undertake and don’t would it exclusively to only advantage themselves, while which is generally the inside effect.

Find Something Larger Than You’re Finding something, some bring about that is greater than you, anything you intend to be a little more acknowledged on the globe which is the 1st step to locating your real dialling. I believe that calling, instead of operate, since work, the every day projects you’ve, they’re usually boring.

The fervour is located for those who have a conclusion aim in view, as well as get to it you ought to be capable of consistently tell your body and spirit in the enthusiasm you sense whenever you visualize what it could be like to have presently completed your main goal. That enthusiasm is going to be so robust, so persuasive, that it’s going to be near on impossible to perform anything but carry the next step was required to accomplish it.

Waiting around only will not likely even contact the mind.

How To Make To locate your love you have to be straightforward to your self.

No one else requires to understand what you truly desire, a minimum of away from initial.

The fact is that it might be unpleasant.

That you can get rid of pals knowning that your household won’t recognize you, or they could even be an obstacle.

But, you should plow through that. It is possible to exist of mediocrity loaded with procrastination along the way as a result of yet another brain numbing boring workday that gives that you simply income by the end of the calendar month, alternatively you can go meet your dreams.

The Actual Way It Feels Like Located The Fantasy Once again, the simple truth, the facts – they’re ugly.

Chances are you’ll don’t succeed badly for several weeks or even decades.

Even so the sensation you have after you follow your enthusiasm is unimaginably rewarding.

It is advisable than everything else on this planet, and it’s worth shedding protection or good friends, or each regarding this.

I am talking about, think about it, if individuals near to you are unable to give you support, or at the very least endure your interest, why have them about when you’re obviously no go with for each other.

Remove aged litter in your lifetime the other new will demonstrate to up.

Getting rid of lethargy and going following your interest will take away stalling out from the scenario with virtually no items, and definately will only give you happiness.              

procrastination t-shirt