Sanya Pirani and the Roots of Optimism

How can one maintain a sense of optimism in the face of tragedy? Sanya Pirani shares her thoughts and actions. My Roots of Optimism By Sanya Pirani     Valentine’s Day Feb 14th, 2018 they were 17 people killed by a gunman at High School in Parkland, Florida. That night tears were rolling down my eyes, and many eyes I know were extremely num. Now the question is, how do we find optimism in such tragedy? A few days later, a student Emma Gonzalez spoke at a gun-control rally in Fort Lauderdale and turned her sorrow into a galvanizing cry for change and force policymakers to revisit gun control laws. That is what I call turning tragedy into optimism. All because someone decided to view tragedy with a lance of positivity. Pessimism, Realism, and Optimism are not just textbook ideologies; they are the fuel of life. We should use them for our life’s engine and ultimately reflect and impact our local and global communities’ success. Here’s why I believe if optimism is hardwired in our lives it will automatically bring powerful change in our world.   Optimism and Service to Others I grew up with a concept of service. My first gift from my parents was a jar which I empty every month to help others in need. As a young child, I remember three rules of optimism in our family: The first lesson was from Helen Keller “Optimism compels the world forward, and pessimism retards it.” The second lesson was, Forgive and forget the bad things in your life, remember being optimistic and hopeful in each situation of your life is a choice. The third lesson was, the only person you have control over is you. I fixed those lessons in my daily life. I connected dots of my…

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