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I Guess We’re Back

SO, I guess we’re back! Kind of

I’ve restored as much as I can, so now it’s on to rebuilding.

This Has Just Been A Never-Ending Nightmare!

The Horror!

This all started with going to login like always and do my maintenance

and Behold the screen displays ACCOUNT SUSPENDED?

What Does That Mean?

My hosting company suspend my account for over-utilization.

Over Utilization!  Thank you, guys, for participating, but we’re no Bing!

So, I guess their definition of unlimited and mine were different.

Bottom Line “Everything was GONE! “

To make it worse my Backup plan was Faulty! (AKA Didn’t Work!)

Tried to get help from my Hosting Company and all I got from them was that I was a Bad user.  I was taking up more than my allotted amount.

So, they finally reinstated me on a very restricted account that times out over almost everything.

Of course, I had to find other Internet Hosts!

So, I had to start over from “SCRATCH” and I’m “STILL IN THE PROCESS OF REBUILDING.

While during this I had to educate myself in Internet Hosting.

I began with researching Internet Hosting and then Internet Hosting Companies.

The range of pricing for services is ridiculous.

The Time and not to mention the increased operating costs, have become a major factor in what once was a de-stressor!  Turned into a #*%!# Frustrating Disaster!

How can something that was so much Fun become So Painful?

The More I worked on it the Worse it Became.  I’d be working on it and almost restored and SHAZZAM!

CRASH! Page not found or Site Under Maintenance and Then I had to Start All Over from SCRATCH Again!


Almost gave up several times!  But, I couldn’t because that is what this site is about:

Getting Through The Tough Times and Succeeding!

SO, I guess we’re back! Kind of

I’ve restored as much as I can, so now it’s a ‘Work In Progress”.

The site may go back up and down during this process.  It’s jut me trying to get er back together again.

Thanks for staying around through this ordeal!

If you like the site sure could use your financial SUPPORT!





Save Your Money By Organizing your Finances

If you’re like me you’ve may have never organized a plan on how to best save your money. You carefully plan how to spend your money. Conserve energy, shopping sales, cutting corners, and clipping coupons.

These are all positive steps in the right direction, but with some careful planning and organized thought, we can make our dollar stretch even further.

First of all, pay yourself first. Bill yourself if you have to as a way to keep track. You can even have a portion of your check directly deposited into your savings account so you’ll never even miss it.

Put part of it into savings for shorter term goals and some into a retirement plan. Compare interest rates at different financial institutions to get the most bang for your saved buck.

The key to this working is Creating a BUDGET and STICKING to it. Easier Said than done. In my opinion this is the biggest hurdle.

Make it a realistic budget. If you’ve never done this before it will take some time. Pay close attention to where your money is going. Develop a spreadsheet or other method so you can visibly track where your money is going each month.

It’s easy to remember the big bills like the mortgage or the car payment, but it’s easy to lose track of the incidental spending you do. You’d probably be surprised how much you spend each month on entertainment, eating out, and spending money for the kids. Ouch! especially for the ones in college! OMG!!

This will help you find ways of saving a few dollars here and there, which can quickly add up to a significant savings each month. Once you’ve paid close attention to where your money is going, it will be easy to find where you need to make adjustments adjust your budget accordingly. This will help you find ways of saving a few dollars here and there, which can quickly add up to a significant savings each month.

With some commitment and a few lifestyle adjustments, it’s really quite simple to live within the parameters of a well-planned budget.

Look for fun, inexpensive ways to entertain your family. Try an old fashion things like going on a picnic or going to the beach. Outdoor activities not only promote family togetherness but the fresh air and exercise will benefit everyone.

This is hardly a new or comprehensive discussion on this topic, there are books, YouTube Videos, financial advisers, even your Uncle Guido, who probably have better advice on this topic than I do.

As I face the HOPEFUL reality of Retirement and the joy of budgetary life (well I already have the JOY). I say hopefully, because when you look at the spreadsheet and start projecting scenarios, it gets REAL.

Take your money seriously and it will seriously take care of you!

Does Kim Jong-un know History?

The timeline of World War 2 will show that on 6 August 1945 “Little Boy” was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Just three days later “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki, another Japanese city. It is important to know that “Little Man” and “Fat Man” were both nuclear weapons and are, to this date, the only ones ever used in the history of warfare.

So Far!

Institutional Racism In America

Institutional racism (also called institutionalized racism) is a kind of racism indicated in the practice of interpersonal and political companies.

Institutional racism is also racism by individuals or casual social communities, governed by behavioral norms that support racist thinking and foment productive racism.

It really is mirrored in disparities regarding prosperity, income, legal justice, employment, casing, health care, politics electric power and education, among other activities.

Whether implicitly or explicitly portrayed, institutional racism occurs whenever a certain group is targeted and discriminated against founded after competition. Institutional racism is mainly implicit, so that it is often undetected.

Institutional racism was described in 1967 by Kwame Ture (previously Stokely Carmichael) and Charles V. Hamilton in African-American Vitality: The Politics of Liberation, saying that while specific racism is often identifiable due to its overt aspect, institutional racism is less perceptible due to its “less overt, a lot more subtle” mother nature.

Institutional racism “originates in the procedure of proven and respected makes in the population, and therefore will get far less general population condemnation than [specific racism].” Each goes to give illustrations:

“When white terrorists bomb a dark-colored church and wipe out five dark children, that can be an act of specific racism, greatly deplored by most sections of the contemporary society.

But when for the reason that same city–Birmingham, Alabama–five hundred dark babies die every year due to lack of electricity, food, shelter and medical facilities, and hundreds more are ruined and maimed in physical form, psychologically and intellectually because of conditions of poverty and discrimination in the dark community, that is clearly a function of institutional racism.

Whenever a black family movements into a home in a white area and is also stoned, burned up or routed out, they can be victims of any overt function of specific racism which most people will condemn. Nonetheless it is institutional racism that will keep dark-colored people locked in dilapidated slum tenements, at the mercy of the daily victim of exploitative slumlord, sellers, loan sharks and discriminatory realtors.

The world either pretends it generally does not know of the second option situation, or is actually not capable of doing anything significant about any of it.”

Institutional racism was identified by Sir William Macpherson in the 1999 Lawrence record (UK) as: “The collective inability of a company to offer an appropriate and professional service to people for their shade, culture, or cultural origin.

It could be seen or diagnosed in processes, behavior and behavior which total discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping which disadvantage minority cultural people.”

Christmas in Vegas 2015


I wonder if the Jessica Valenzuela from Arizona planned for her trip to Las Vegas as long as we had.

I know for me Las Vegas is a special place. My heart goes out to her family and all those effected. Just experiencing or watching it as it happened has to affect you. Even watching it on the news is very emotional for me.

Born, raised and educated in Southern California seems like I’ve almost lived in Las Vegas. Spent may a weekends and holidays in Vegas in my youth.

I remember on my way to college in Utah, the coach that recruited me, asked me to pick up a fellow recruit on the way. That was the first time I realized people lived in Las Vegas.

I admitted log ago I wasn’t that bright, but wasn’t something I really thought about in my youth. Left a few brain cells in Vegas.

Anyway, I was in Las Vegas last night 12-20-15, when what I’m calling the Tragedy on the Strip, happened.

I had no intention on posting about it, but the more I heard the news and thought about it the more the only thing I cloud say is Thank You GOD, because I feel very fortunate right now.

A few hours earlier, my wife and I walked that same path. Through the Grace of (I’m a christian(different debate for a different time)), my wife was tired and decided to take a nap.

Our hotel had a shuttle to the Fremont Street Experience. Our son was staying downtown with his friends. They went to elementary school together and now they are all 21. WOW! A drink with my son, another story.

So I’m stuck in the shuttle at Harmon & Las Vegas Blvd, and a different kind of Las Vegas light show goes off around me and we’re stuck in traffic.

See pictures I took from the shuttle (on my weak cell phone, broke my S5 and can’t afford to replace it) of the action around me below. Look at the difference in activity from the first picture to the last picture.

Why when we lose hope do we want to punish others that can’t know about our pain.

No one has the same pain as another. Perhaps, similar, perhaps emphatic, but not the same. We are all unique, not even your twin experiences life the same way.

I just decided to write this post because, if my wife hadn’t napped and I took the shuttle to see my son, maybe I’m walking down the street and I’m not writing this post.

Life is Funny?

Be Thankful!  We take so much for granted!

Happy Holidays!!

This by far hardest post yet, on the road, old laptop no printer, hotel Wi-FI!



First Rule Of The Internet


The internet is NOT a SAFE place! Think about what you share your life on-line.  In cause you hadn’t noticed the world is not a safe place.  I’m just saying.

The stimulus to my quandary is this recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College, an obscure community college in Oregon.

I guess my question this evening is how a 26-year-old feels insignificant does? And feel violence on innocence is the only solution?

I know that I’m trying to start a blog and I’m supposed to do methodical steps towards success, but this is Personal. I guess one thing about having a blog is that you can spout off. This is my own personal OPINION. My choice instead of blaming other people is go on this rampage.

Having attended a community college in my educational experience, I feel a certain affinity to the community college community.

How in my opinion, some people feel they can point the blame at any one entity still surprises me.

Hello People, It’s not the Presidents fault! It’s not the GOP’s fault ( as much as I may want to blame them)! It’s not Planned Parenthood’s fault!

It’s Yours! It’s Mine ! It’s all of Ours! Do I have an answer, oh hell no! Does? Can Anyone?

I guess the best way to tell you why I feel justified is this rant is l that I went thought my own personal insignificant experience, DON’T WE ALL GROWING UP?


What is our fixation with FAME at any cost? Reality TV? Back in my day it was your 15 minutes of Fame! Sorry about that, any way back to my story.

I can’t speak for you, but for me growing up was a long hard journey (aka a BITCH). Kids are ruthless when it comes to ridicule. Especially if you stick out.

Why is it he girl you liked never like you, and you didn’t like the one that liked you? Anyway, could have everyone around you, including your family make fun of your size and awkwardness as a kid make you feel insignificant? I was a big kid, OK FAT (we didn’t use obese back then), but I was kind of tall with long arms and awkward as hell.  I was more  like the Ugly Bear, ugly duckling, just didn’t fit.

Could being insignificant be having people call you names like Baby Huey (look it up popular cartoon in my child hood), Fatso, Tubby, Ugly, and Fat Boy.

Even later in life I was a Boy Scout. I was an Life Scout, one step away from Eagle at a National Jamboree, with Boy Scouts across the county. I thought I had bounded with a group of fellow Scout.  Little did I know that their idea of bonding was stinging me along until they could humiliate me.

We were going somewhere I can’t even remember where in woods and they started running. I though OK, so I started running. It wasn’t until they started laughing, pointing and running faster leaving this fat kid alone crying in a forest that was their plan all along. See I didn’t realize they knew I could never keep up.

Funny, I wonder if any of them ended up playing D1 ball in college. I must confess I would have loved to meet up with them then. Somehow how do you like me now! Would have been enough.

Or how about the ultimate disappointment, tragedy the end of my life!  So I thought then.  Having the thing that makes you significant taken away.

Senior year All-American candidate, administrator walks in, almost proudly still seems like to me  even now.  Oh yeah I still remember it vividly and says “Through No Fault Of Your Own, Your INELIGIBLE and CAN’T PLAY BALL!  I was only 24 then, I guess if I was 26 I would committed a tragedy.  Through No Fault Of Your Own, HUM

I could go on and on, but the wife is screaming what are you doing? Come to bed!

We make OUR own choices! We can’t blame other people for the choices WE make.

Oh and for the record, I got over my significance being taking away, it wasn’t easy by any means, I was mad at the world and took some time, But I finished school and got a job.  Never said it was an exciting story.

Sorry! Enough pontificating!
Live Long and Prosper!


This is my first unofficial post!

By unofficial I mean it’s my turn for the “No Spin Zone”!

How can anyone say they we’re not putting our own perspective (“SPIN”) on issues that are dear to us? How can we distance ourselves from what we feel are important? Anyway that a discussion for another day.

Especially since my wife cut off my cable and I can’t watch anymore. Too bad, so sad! All he and his cohorts on that channel do is make me hate the media.

Anyway, back to no spin!

As a rule I draft, rewrite, proof, spell check, but tonight is none of that. So forgive the grammar, the typos, and the nonsense of it all.

Yea baby!! The Cheater New England Patriots have lost two in a row!!!

Donald Trump is a Hater!! Professing Racism and Bigotry! In my opinion.
The real question is; why are so many of us drawn to that?

Have we come to cheating, racism, and bigotry as the American way? Before we exclude anyone, remember what made us GREAT. Not walls!

Wake up this isn’t yesterday! We have to learn how to change! Tomorrow isn’t TODAY!

The interesting thing the military and sports teach you, is when your survival depends on the person next to, race, creed and color don’t matter. Can you do the job does!

OOOOH! That felt good!

The beauty of being the editor of a blog is you can, let it out, occasionally!

The original inspiration for this post is I just spent the afternoon at a very good friends of my house called Doc. Yes, I call him Doc, because he’s a Doctor. Just because I’m a dummy, doesn’t mean I don’t have something to offer.

Because my other Bud, we’ll call him Tommie is a Steelers fan and they had the late game, today. (Steelers vs Colts). We hadn’t seen each other in a while and alcohol was involved. We’re all past 50, so judge somebody else. That might also explain this post!!!

So as the evening degraded into pure male testosterone speak, (I invited the wife, but she being an intelligent woman like the other wives, chose not to come.) Doc is a widower, anyway Doc and Tommie start talking about Kim Kardashian. All I said was look what the momma did to Bruce, I’d say away from them, shoot look at Lamar.

As they continue rip me a new one, I say I just don’t want my woman parading on the NET. Doc how is 70 years old, begins to educate me on the folly of my youth. I loved it “the folly of my youth.” I loved it, I’ll be 60 next year. For the record Tommie is a kid of 55. So then I say OK, I’ll give you one of the best bodies money can buy!

So Tommie begins to explain in his usual unique way, if she came in here right, we’d fight each other over her. I said I wouldn’t, because, Doc, would kick all our asses.

As we enjoyed the moment, I just mentioned how it would bother me, but obviously it doesn’t her husband. Then we all mused over the that he’s a rocket scientist.

Then that started us on our discussion on the Millennials. Then I remembered maybe I was a Millennial in my time. I can remember my mother saying, boy what are listening to, and heck no you’re not wearing that in my house!

So when it was all said and done, we’re thankful, we had the opportunity to get together and talk some manure and the Steelers won.

So as the alcohol triumphs I’m going to call it a night.

Be thankful for what you have. There is always going to be better and worse, but any day you can compete is a good day!