Christmas in Vegas 2015


I wonder if the Jessica Valenzuela from Arizona planned for her trip to Las Vegas as long as we had.

I know for me Las Vegas is a special place. My heart goes out to her family and all those effected. Just experiencing or watching it as it happened has to affect you. Even watching it on the news is very emotional for me.

Born, raised and educated in Southern California seems like I’ve almost lived in Las Vegas. Spent may a weekends and holidays in Vegas in my youth.

I remember on my way to college in Utah, the coach that recruited me, asked me to pick up a fellow recruit on the way. That was the first time I realized people lived in Las Vegas.

I admitted log ago I wasn’t that bright, but wasn’t something I really thought about in my youth. Left a few brain cells in Vegas.

Anyway, I was in Las Vegas last night 12-20-15, when what I’m calling the Tragedy on the Strip, happened.

I had no intention on posting about it, but the more I heard the news and thought about it the more the only thing I cloud say is Thank You GOD, because I feel very fortunate right now.

A few hours earlier, my wife and I walked that same path. Through the Grace of (I’m a christian(different debate for a different time)), my wife was tired and decided to take a nap.

Our hotel had a shuttle to the Fremont Street Experience. Our son was staying downtown with his friends. They went to elementary school together and now they are all 21. WOW! A drink with my son, another story.

So I’m stuck in the shuttle at Harmon & Las Vegas Blvd, and a different kind of Las Vegas light show goes off around me and we’re stuck in traffic.

See pictures I took from the shuttle (on my weak cell phone, broke my S5 and can’t afford to replace it) of the action around me below. Look at the difference in activity from the first picture to the last picture.

Why when we lose hope do we want to punish others that can’t know about our pain.

No one has the same pain as another. Perhaps, similar, perhaps emphatic, but not the same. We are all unique, not even your twin experiences life the same way.

I just decided to write this post because, if my wife hadn’t napped and I took the shuttle to see my son, maybe I’m walking down the street and I’m not writing this post.

Life is Funny?

Be Thankful!  We take so much for granted!

Happy Holidays!!

This by far hardest post yet, on the road, old laptop no printer, hotel Wi-FI!



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