How to Recognize Signs from the Other Side

Have your loved ones been sending you signs from the other side and you hadn’t realized it? Recognizing Signs from the Other Side by Bill Philipps      How beautiful it would be to be able to say to your deceased mother, “Mom, I really need to know you’re with me right now; will you please appear before me so that I can see you?” — and then watch as she appears. Unfortunately, that’s not how spirits operate. Any signs you receive from the other side likely will not be presented in the most obvious ways. But they won’t necessarily be as subtle as you may think. It depends primarily on your mindset and whether you are looking for them. If you surrender your expectations of how the signs may be presented and are vigilant about paying attention to your surroundings, you will recognize them. When you are on the lookout, your psychic senses will kick in, because that is where your energy is being directed. Spirits will also try to send their signs from the other side that you will relate to and avoid sending ones that you won’t. The reason, of course, is because they want you to recognize them. For example, if you are a construction worker or a sports fanatic, they may send signs that relate to either of those things. If you are not into sports and aren’t familiar with, say, basketball star LeBron James, your deceased mom will likely not send you something that has to do with LeBron. I am not into sports much at all, so when I give readings, it is rare for me to receive a detailed sports symbol as validation. Those on the other side know I’d get frustrated if I did. That doesn’t mean they won’t show me…

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