How to Identify Your Creative Block and Succeed

There is untapped creativity inside you that will enrich your life if you learn to identify and remove the creative blocks in your way. Identify Your Creative Block and Thrive! By Lien Potgieter      Untapped creativity is detrimental to your life, relationships, business, and career. If you believe that you are not creative or that there is no need for creativity, you could even become obsolete. According to the World Economic Forum, the Future of Jobs report creativity will be third on the list of the top ten critical skills by 2020. In the short space of just five years, creativity has moved up seven places from ten to number three. You can increase your creative intelligence (CQ) despite the outdated notion that people are either right- or left-brain dominant. New research shows that we need to use both sides of the brain to be successful. Unconventional paths often lead to brilliant solutions. Color, which you find all around you, could act as a catalyst to identify what exactly is causing you to feel, think or believe that you can’t connect the dots. Many problems can be solved, and challenges overcome with the help of these vibrational energies.   How can color help? By becoming aware of the colors in your environment, you can pinpoint your creative block. It is a simple yet powerful method. Your color attractions and rejections demonstrate where you are stuck: Physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Only when we know what the heart of the matter is can you take action, unblock your creativity, and live a life of success and happiness.   Tell-tale signs of a creative block and how to overcome it How do you know where the block is? Here are a few signs to look out for. Body: If your block has a…

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