A Look At The Four Agreements

“The Four Agreements” teaches that, at the root of it all, self-limiting beliefs rob us of joy and create needless suffering. A Look At Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements By Leigh Burton     At our best we humans strive to serve others, be there for loved ones and make a lot of what we do about making our world a better place. We do so because it feels good and for the most part, we know that we should. However, we fall into the trap of believing that the world begins where we start and ends where we lay our head at night. It’s entirely human and for the most part acceptable because we are conditioned to do just that. We are conditioned from birth to react to external stimuli in a way that shapes the dream we have of how we each fit into society. As society evolves, so does what stimulate a reaction, and so do our ideas of what our lives should look like. In that, we become the center of our universe searching for evidence that others share our worldview. It’s not hard to find a group of people that have the same perspective or point of view on what matters most. Is it equality, a political point of view, a shared mission or passion for something creative that nudges us closer to a closed knit group of people that we can identify with? Whatever it is, we move deeper into our beliefs as time passes and, it becomes a part of what defines who each of us is and what separates us from another. All the while empowering the beat of our drum that confirms we are right in our choices and actions. Like the branches of a tree, the path is further…

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