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Primally Pure

So can we talk skincare for a second? I’m like insanely obsessed with Primally Pure Skincare. And not in like a “I’m trying to sell you something even though it actually sucks” way. I’m like literally obsessed. Primally Pure has not only taken over my bathroom, but my life. Let me just rewind for a second here. It all started with my hippyish friend Stacy (as most of my “better for you” personal care stuff usually does). Stacy is always the first one to jump on the stop washing your hair because shampoo is toxic, oil pulling, natural deodorant and charcoal toothpaste train. In fact she’s the conductor. She’s probably tried every natural deodorant out there, even that weird Crystal one they sell at Nordstrom. Why is Nordstrom selling deodorant?

Primally Pure// 

I’ve had a rocky past with deodorant. First of all, I can’t spell it right, I always want to spell it deoderant and that’s not correct, as the little squiggly red line has just informed me. Second of all, it doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried all of it, women’s, men’s, extra strength, clinical strength, prescription strength, Febreeze, Raid, it just doesn’t work. I always still had that nice sharp pungent onion smell when I lifted my arms. Just what every lady wants to smell like. My boyfriend would even laugh and be like, “you stink!” I hated it. I remember buying different kinds of deodorant at the store to switch between because I thought my body would build up a tolerance to a particular brand. It was the pits. Literally.

Anyway Stacy No-Blog somehow convinced Juli (PaleOMG) to switch to natural deodorant and then on Book Tour, Juli convinced me to try it. I did so super reluctantly because I didn’t want to smell like onions and garlic when people came out to meet us on Book Tour, but *gasp* it actually worked. This was a different, non-Primally Pure brand that I had tried, and while it worked really well, it was super rough and grainy and almost uncomfortable to put on. It also started darkening my armpits, just what I always wanted. Was I ever going to win? Fast forward to my gal pal Caroline’s Book Release Party (Colorful Eats) which was actually like 2 years ago, so it feels weird to say fast forward to the past, but you get it. With Stacy as my date, she introduced me to Bethany the femme boss behind Primally Pure. Bethany is literally the cutest thing ever and absolutely gorgeous. I remember thinking, “Wow look at her skin, no wonder she runs a skincare company!” After chatting for a sec, Bethany was like, “I’m going to send you some stuff that you’re going to love.” New skincare stuff? Schweet! Stacy then proceeded to tell me that Bethany’s deodorant is the best one out there. I was like, “Yeah, whatever Stacy, let’s hit up the dessert table again.”

Primally Pure

So what Bethany ended up sending me has completely changed my life. She sent me her Deodorant (in Lemongrass scent, my favorite!), the Almond + Vanilla Body Butter and the Fancy Face Serum . I was so excited to try the deodorant since I’d heard such great things. I put it on, and I was in heaven! It was SO smooth and felt amazing. No more grainy sandpaper texture. Not only did the deodorant work, I haven’t smelled a day since. Like at all. Even through super tough Orangetheory and CrossFit workouts. Not only that, but I noticed I could go longer without wearing deodorant, like 2 days, and still not smelling. And my armpits didn’t darken! I’ve been using Primally Pure deodorant for over 2 years now, and I’ll never use another one as long as I live.

The other two skincare items Bethany sent me were also game changers. The Almond + Vanilla Body Butter, I could eat with a spoon! It smells so good and moisturizes my skin like nothing else! Fun fact, it also works as a natural mosquito repellent as I found out in the Caribbean last summer. We were at dinner outside near water and the place was swarming. I had applied my body butter before leaving that evening and I was the only one who didn’t get bit! It must be the tallow and coconut oil, it either repels the mosquitoes or they have a hard time breaking the oil barrier to get to the skin. Either way #winning!

Next up was the Fancy Face Serum, okay so what’s so fancy about it? It’s a pimple miracle! Seriously! If I have a breakout, all I do is rub a little bit of this stuff on it before I go to bed (a little goes a long way), and when I wake up the morning, poof it’s gone. If it’s a deeper, more hardcore zit, it may not be completely gone, but it’s pretty close, easy enough to cover with a little concealer and WAY better than it was before. Then when I apply it again the next night, it’s even more diminished in the morning. I seriously can’t live without this stuff!

Primally Pure

Since then I’ve become a huge mega fan of Primally Pure. in addition to the Deodorant, Almond + Vanilla Body Butter, and Fancy Face Serum, I use the Beauty Cream, Everything SprayGeranium Complexion Mist, Cleansing Oil, and Lip Balm (shout out to the Creamsicle flavor!). My skin has never felt or looked better and I feel great knowing that I’m not putting all these toxic crappy chemicals and ingredients in/on my body. And Stacy’s inner-hippy is so happy too!

I can’t tell you enough about how great this stuff is. You NEED to try it for yourself. When you end up loving it I won’t even tell you, “I told you so.” I promise. Not ready to dive in head first yet? The anti-hippy in me totally gets it. I recommend going with the Starter Kit. It’s only $48 and gives you smaller sizes of most of the things I mentioned above and it comes with a super cute canvas zipper bag! And who doesn’t want a super cute canvas zipper bag?! I have converted so many of my close friends, who are normal, non-paleo, non-hippy, Crest and drugstore shampoo using people, and they have become just as obsessed as I am. Try it for yourself, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Primally Pure Skincare


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