Personal Mastery And Your Kids

Why is it important to teach personal mastery to your children?

Our children nowadays are the next generation.  They will be facing a future that could hold immense possibilities and opportunities.  But even with this bright future waiting for them, there is also a sad future waiting, a future where uncertainties and materialism can be prevalent.

How can we prepare our children to face this kind of future?

It is beneficial to teach children a set of values and attitudes that are good for the family.  Helping children develop personal mastery at an early age will help them have a mindset and develop habits that could be an instrument for their success in the future.

Personal mastery will help an individual to develop skills and behavior that will help them deal with difficult circumstances.

Personal mastery enables an individual to understand the strengths and weaknesses of other people and deal with their emotions.  Aside from this, personal mastery encourages thinking outside the box and ability to take responsibility for their life.

These attitudes would be very beneficial for our kids.  Personal mastery can also help children develop confidence grounded on reality, different from arrogance, live life and inspire other people and the world.

How can we start teaching our children about personal mastery?

We could start teaching our kids early, with the current environment, the chances that our kids would get affected by depression, anxiety, physical and mental health problems are also high.

Attitude changes attained through personal mastery are not innate.  It is important our kids learn to keep their self-confidence and stay positive to be able to fulfil their dreams.

Start with telling your children about the facts of life-like failure.  You could share your own failures and disappointments.  To help children deal with anger and frustration, you can start letting them know that failing is part of achieving big dreams.

When you share experiences about failing something, make sure that they see the point that you continued with your dreams even if you failed once.

It is okay for your children to experience setbacks and unwanted outcomes.  Personal mastery is about being grounded to reality and dealing with difficult situations.

This experience will help your children understand how to deal with their emotions.  Do not try to interfere too much, provide breathing and learning space for them.

For children to be successful adults, they need to be able to face challenged independently.  Children need to know that setbacks and anxiety can be normal, but they are there for them to overcome.

It would also be helpful if they would be able to identify themselves as a part of a whole.  Encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities and team activities would help them develop their methods of interacting with peers and seniors.

But if they have joined groups and extracurricular activities, do not interfere or even provide your opinion.  Let them talk about it, like how they feel about being part of the team, how could they help or interact with each other.

But otherwise, keep the opinions to yourself.

When teaching your children about personal mastery, do not teach them as if it is a lecture.

It would be less effective if you ask them to sit down and take down notes.

Introduce the concepts gradually and in different ways. You can introduce it while talking over dinner and family activities.

Children would absorb them easily since they are integrated in their daily lives and it becomes natural learning.


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