So You Gave Up on Finding Your Passion!

If you’re like me, feeling like you are already too old, because we’re on the downhill side of some, health, weight, age, insurance chart or table, so you’ve given up pursuing the path on finding your passion,

STOP that thought! We’re neither too old nor too young to do what we want to do, or to go where we really want to go.

If you surrender to defeat, you will never know what could have happened, if only you had allowed yourself to take risks in order to attain what you heart really wants for you.

As we go through life, there are many phases that we have to conquer before we can proclaim success over various paths.

When we were young, we thought we had to succeed no matter what. This was the ideal mindset. Even if we really didn’t know what success was, but we knew we had to have it. Which may have been the reason why we haven’t really focused on realizing what our real passion is. But life gets more complicated as we age, a reason why we tend to forget what we really wanted to achieve in the first place.

Going down the path of success, some of us chose to set aside our inner beliefs and give in to the opportunities that were being presented to us at the moment. We grabbed on to these opportunities be it a scholarship, a job, a relationship? Thinking heck, it can’t be as hard as they say look at this opportunity?

Lesson learned, if it’s to good to be true, it’s too good to be true. In my opinion.

Next lesson learned, nothing replaces hard work! In my opinion.

Hardest lessons learned, thinking life will be complete after we’ve earned good money, gotten married, have a home and family, and saved up a lot. Then we’ll pursue our passion and go back to what it is we really want to do. Problem; all that takes a lot of you.

A lot of us never get a chance to look back, feel comfortable and settled in our environment. Life being as volatile as it is, we fear that, if we let go to pursue something where success is unknown, we will lose it all.

So we settle into comfortable. in our situation, even though we feel we’re trapped. Once we’re too comfortable, we’re likely be afraid to come out of it. Even if we’re doing something that we don’t really like and we feel like life is dragging us down.

We will allow ourselves to be a prisoner of our comfort. So we have to take a risk before we get stuck into such state. We need to go back to the point when we promised ourselves that you will get back your passion. That promise is important because we owe it to ourselves to make this happen.

Finding your passion is not about your age. It’s about setting your heart and mind to it to be able to pursue the path. You can’t find your passion if you don’t walk the path.


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