We’re Back!

If we look different it’s because we’re like the Phoenix, rising up from the ashes.   I never knew how ignorant of this internet stuff I was.  I had some technical difficulties with my web hosting and I wake up one morning and everything is gone.

Our journey begins, with me the mighty webmaster trying to create a duplicate of the site for disaster recovery. In the process of that I start to have some issues. So I contacted my hosting provider and created a service ticket.  New and valuable experience, no matter how painful.

The first thing that made nervous was they needed my login credentials get into my site.  Heck I figure, they could back door me if they really had to so what the hey.

I create a login, several days go by, they try some things, tell me to try some things, but my problems continue.

So I wake up one glorious morning only to take a copy of body shots courtesy of my web hosting provider reading their solution to my problem.

We’re not saying you screwed up!  We’re not saying we screwed up! But your manure is so screwed up, we can’t fix it.  So, we reinstalled your website to a new location and here are your login credentials.  AKA, your manure is gone!

Funny, that the first thought in my mind was so this is how Joe Frazer must have felt after a Muhammad Ali combo to the body.  After cursing my web hosting company, the internet, and computers in general, I tried to login.

The wonderful joy of the situation continued as I logged into a blank site.  Let me describe blank to you as void of all previously existing content.  That included posts, videos, comments, and the best of all website configuration information.  NADA!  Well, it did have a Nice Welcome to your new blog banner!

The full story is in another post I’m working on called “Test Your Backups, Before You Need Them!”  I go into glittering detail of my adventure.

But I needed to give you a little background on what happened.  Also if this your first time here “we’re Back” means nothing to you.

However, this adventure has created a new monster.  For lack of a better way to put, now I need to know this web stuff works.  So, I’m going to start adding posts about blogging, the web, and internet marketing in general.

Enough of you have asked me questions about blogging so I guess I’ll start.   I’m not an expert, but we will be by the time we’re done.

So thanks for visiting and subscribe to the site, if enough people subscribe, I’ll start a members’ only site with cool stuff, exclusive reports, contests, tweets, etc.  Also submit your Ideas and suggestions for a member site.  If we create it, I want it to be special!


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