It Was Horrible!

Just another morning drive to work, in my usual own little world when all of a sudden I saw something that is changing my life.

We all see auto crashes on TV and in the movies and we think nothing about it.  Oh that was cool or man did you see how many wrecks there were?  Isn’t there a Fast and Furious 8?

We’ve all seen the auto wreckers putting wrecked cars up on their as we’re passing by and never really give it a second thought.

So, as I was getting on the freeway on my way to work like always.  Changing lanes as I usually do, half asleep and speeding when something horrible happened before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was changing lanes form right to left there was a white Camry passing in from of me from left to right.  The   Camry continued to change over two more lanes, which wasn’t a problem until it came upon the final lane.

The Camry continued to merge over to the last lane, which is also a junction to another freeway, all of a sudden I hear a horn and I see the Camry sideswiped the little blue Subaru or Hyundai,  forcing that car unto the embankment which is also the side of a mountain.

The blue car continued to run up the side of the mountain before it flipped over two times and then it was out of my line of sight.

I had to pay attention to the fact I myself was driving on the freeway.

From what I could tell I don’t even think the Camry even knew it was in an accident, because it looked like to me it just kept going transitioning onto the other freeway.

There was nothing I could do but freak out.

Oh the sound, I can’t explain how that sound went through my body and I’m still hearing it.  Sound effects are nothing compared to the reality.

After I saw the car goes into the second flip the first thing that went into my mind was somebody just died.  How many people were just effected, the drivers of both cars the passengers, the families, the CHP Officers, Ambulance, Car Wreckers, me, etc.

I actually became a road hazard myself, I slowed way down, got over in the right lane and began to contemplate how quickly thing can change in our lives.

How many times have I changed lanes and had a horn save our butts, both mine and the car I would have hit and vice versa!

I was extremely shaken, I dove to work parked my car and called my wife and told her I loved her and that she needed to take a different way to work from now on.

We both take the same route initially, but go different ways down the road.  Once I had calmed down enough to explain what had happened, all she could say was the angels were with you today.

She said call CHP and tell them what you saw, I did.  I went on the CHP website and it showed accident with severe injuries.  Oh yeah! Severe!

All change is not brought on directly by our actions.  The actions of others can change our lives unpredictability.  We need to be vigilant to take care of ourselves in so many ways.

Slow down on the freeway, let that person in front of you pass, let that person make that turn.  Give yourself some extra time to get where you need to go, be polite and show compassion.

Neither one of use want to be the drivers of the Camry or the Blue Car.

Tell the people you care about you do, you never know, it could be the last time you get the chance.


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