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This is my first unofficial post!

By unofficial I mean it’s my turn for the “No Spin Zone”!

How can anyone say they we’re not putting our own perspective (“SPIN”) on issues that are dear to us? How can we distance ourselves from what we feel are important? Anyway that a discussion for another day.

Especially since my wife cut off my cable and I can’t watch anymore. Too bad, so sad! All he and his cohorts on that channel do is make me hate the media.

Anyway, back to no spin!

As a rule I draft, rewrite, proof, spell check, but tonight is none of that. So forgive the grammar, the typos, and the nonsense of it all.

Yea baby!! The Cheater New England Patriots have lost two in a row!!!

Donald Trump is a Hater!! Professing Racism and Bigotry! In my opinion.
The real question is; why are so many of us drawn to that?

Have we come to cheating, racism, and bigotry as the American way? Before we exclude anyone, remember what made us GREAT. Not walls!

Wake up this isn’t yesterday! We have to learn how to change! Tomorrow isn’t TODAY!

The interesting thing the military and sports teach you, is when your survival depends on the person next to, race, creed and color don’t matter. Can you do the job does!

OOOOH! That felt good!

The beauty of being the editor of a blog is you can, let it out, occasionally!

The original inspiration for this post is I just spent the afternoon at a very good friends of my house called Doc. Yes, I call him Doc, because he’s a Doctor. Just because I’m a dummy, doesn’t mean I don’t have something to offer.

Because my other Bud, we’ll call him Tommie is a Steelers fan and they had the late game, today. (Steelers vs Colts). We hadn’t seen each other in a while and alcohol was involved. We’re all past 50, so judge somebody else. That might also explain this post!!!

So as the evening degraded into pure male testosterone speak, (I invited the wife, but she being an intelligent woman like the other wives, chose not to come.) Doc is a widower, anyway Doc and Tommie start talking about Kim Kardashian. All I said was look what the momma did to Bruce, I’d say away from them, shoot look at Lamar.

As they continue rip me a new one, I say I just don’t want my woman parading on the NET. Doc how is 70 years old, begins to educate me on the folly of my youth. I loved it “the folly of my youth.” I loved it, I’ll be 60 next year. For the record Tommie is a kid of 55. So then I say OK, I’ll give you one of the best bodies money can buy!

So Tommie begins to explain in his usual unique way, if she came in here right, we’d fight each other over her. I said I wouldn’t, because, Doc, would kick all our asses.

As we enjoyed the moment, I just mentioned how it would bother me, but obviously it doesn’t her husband. Then we all mused over the that he’s a rocket scientist.

Then that started us on our discussion on the Millennials. Then I remembered maybe I was a Millennial in my time. I can remember my mother saying, boy what are listening to, and heck no you’re not wearing that in my house!

So when it was all said and done, we’re thankful, we had the opportunity to get together and talk some manure and the Steelers won.

So as the alcohol triumphs I’m going to call it a night.

Be thankful for what you have. There is always going to be better and worse, but any day you can compete is a good day!