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Ya Never Know!

How terrible to die!

Well wait a minute that’s inevitable!

I mean how horrible to die by being crushed by your own car?

JEEP,  what a journey, Jeep to American Motors, to Chrysler to now Fiat.

Is Jeep’s to blame for producing a defective product? Or the poor victim that dies from their defect?

Not sure what part leaving the engine running will ultimately have to play in the whole saga. Or did the defect rear its ugly head and it appeared to be in park? We may never know.

At least Volkswagen only cheated! Or did they? How can we calculate the emission related illnesses and deaths related to their DECEIT?

The religion of The almighty DOLLAR,bone,buck,clam,one,smacker,cheddar,Pound sterling,Euro,German mark,Chinese renminbi, or Yen.

Whatever you call it!

We as Americans have no Monopoly on this obsession. Especially considering our childhood conditioning. Do we blame the media our ourselves for being willing participants?

AH! Then there’s the Generation Y/Millennium’s or what I call the instant gratification generation. I have personally raised two of them so, I have limited experience.

We are a turning point, a changing of the guard, a CHANGE. What do I base this on?

LOOK at our current Presidential Nightmare! Everybody’s unhappy, because no one better has stepped up? We blame the Politicians, but look at the them. Are any of us ready to stand up?

We’re at the end of a road a changing of the Old Guard!

Unless the Generation Y/Millennium’s and the Generation Z/Boomlets set up and become part of the process what will our next Presidential experience present us? The current MMA champ versus Mrs. USA?

To my generation WE are NOT without Guilt! Why is that you may ask, because we haven’t passed on the HISTORY!  The price paid by previous generations for our Freedoms and RIGHT to vote!

Ya know the ones who came before us and made this possible!  The ability to Change our environment for the better!  To make a brighter future with less hate.

Only if the Donald loses!  If he wins hate, racism and bigotry will rule the day.

True story worked the primary election as a clerk, a Generation Y/Millennium walked in “I’m not sure if I’m registered or not, but if I am I’ll vote.” He was not. We offered to register him on the spot so he would be good to in November, but he said “don’t worry about it it’s too much work!” And walked out!

Obviously that still bothers me!

A couple of co-workers of mine defended their generation, by saying you can’t lump all of us into one boat.

I said you have heard of Donald Trump! Isn’t that what he’s doing? (Sorry couldn’t resist!)

One of these two defendants not two minutes later she couldn’t walk to the recycle bin down the hall it was too far. Huh!

So, what does all of this have to do with Chekhov’s (Anton Yelchin) death, probably nothing.

He so young, with so much in front of him, as every one of us, just as those in club in Orlando or anyone crossing the street in downtown USA.

What does this really have to do with Chekhov’s death?

Well for me:
Never forget to tell the ones important to you that they are!

It’s OK to say Thank You for your help!

If you LOVE someone TELL them!

Ya Never Know!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you hadn’t figured it out Baby Boomer Here!