Use Questions to Change Your Mindset – Part 3

The last two articles in this series have helped us build a solid appreciation for the value of using questions to change both our focus and our mindset. We also learned exactly what kind of questions are needed to channel our focus in a positive direction. Now it’s time to consider some specific ways that we can make practical application of this empowering skill and put it to use in our lives.

To fully benefit from the power of questions we need a way to integrate what we have learned into our daily routine. Specifically, we need to develop the habit of intentionally using questions to direct our focus and control our mindset in a constructive manner.

Start with your morning mindset

Every morning when you wake up it is a natural part of your thinking process to ask yourself questions about the upcoming day. So, this is a perfect opportunity to influence your mindset in a positive way. Asking the right questions first thing in the morning will help ensure that your focus is pointed in a productive and empowering direction all day long.

So here’s a list of possible questions that you can start asking yourself every morning beginning tomorrow. These questions are specifically designed to have a positive effect on your mindset, especially your levels of joy, commitment and self-esteem.

1) What is there about my life that makes me feel happy right now?
2) What is going on in my life today that I can get excited about?
3) What do I feel truly grateful for right now?
4) What am I really looking forward to today?
5) Who do I love and who loves me?

If you have difficulty answering any of these questions simply insert the word “could” into the question. For example, in question #1 – What is there about my life that could make me feel happy right now?

Take some time to consider these questions as you go about your morning routine. Remember, it’s not the asking of questions that shifts your mindset, it’s the answers. As you come up with your own answers to each question, be sure to take a moment and experience how that answer makes you feel.

Do it every day for at least ten days!

By developing a routine of asking yourself questions like these every morning, you will begin to create a pattern. After a while, not only will the questions come automatically, but so will an increased level of appreciation for the answers. The answers to these questions are an important part of what makes life worth living and creating a positive shift in your focus regarding those answers will also shift your predominant mindset.

Being aware of your blessings first thing in the morning can completely change your entire day. Those questions will follow you throughout the day and you will find yourself looking for more reasons to feel happy, to get excited and to be grateful. This is a perfect example of the power of simple questions to shift your mindset, change your focus, increase your motivation, and make you feel good about your life.

Remember, the whole purpose of this exercise is to shift your mindset by taking conscious control of what you allow your mind to focus on. So another important point to consider is this: These questions are designed to trigger your mind to think in positive directions and to discover encouraging answers. They are not designed for overanalyzing and scrutinizing your every thought and feeling.

So don’t let yourself get too carried away. Know when to quit asking and start answering.

When designing questions always include a positive assumption

When you are designing questions for yourself, make sure that they always include a positive assumption about the answer. For example, all of the questions above assume something. Question #1 assumes that there is something to feel happy about right now just as question #2 assumes there is something to be excited about. These type of assumptions give your mind both direction and motivation.

The mind considers those assumptions to be facts; consequently it will find answers that support those facts. By constructing your own personal questions this way you will empower yourself with the ability to shift your mindset at will and to change almost any aspect of your life.

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