The Devil Card: The Tarot Arcane of The Month of March

The Energy Forecast for the month of February brings The Devil Card to the forefront. The Tarot Arcane of The Month of March – The Devil Card – Confronting our Shadows   The Tarot is an auspicious instrument for personal improvement and, above all, for helping one to analyze and self-evaluate oneself. The Devil Card is a tarot arcane of an instinctive and impulsive nature, of procreative forces, that develops in the depths. It talks about the shadows, the excesses, the temptation, the unconscious forces, the hidden feelings that we believe or pretend not to exist. This arcane comes to instigate us confronting us with our shadows and deepest fears. We know that it is difficult, but necessary, for only then, we will genuinely illuminate our darkness. We cannot sweep the dust under the rug; we must face it and start the process of cleansing. We must control ourselves not to engage in lower vibration activities, such as intrigues, angry outbursts, secret negotiations, gluttony, lust. The archetype will push you towards the seven deadly sins. I can be a struggle to keep our principles because there will be some challenges and tests. This month is presenting a unique opportunity to become aware, to cleanse our hold and free ourselves from possession, tyranny, jealousy, thirst for power, control, manipulation, and addictions of all kinds. We know that we have evolved step by step and that we are responsible for our actions. So, the idea is to throw light on our lower nature. Strive for balance, because we are aware of the price we pay for our evil actions. This arcane represents our material needs, our desires. We can accomplish everything we want, but with discernment, practicing wisdom and without excessive ambition. This Arcane evokes that part of us that we hide…

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