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Self-Help is a leading national community development financial institution headquartered in Durham, NC. From 1980 – 2017, Self-Help provided over $7 billion in financing to 146,000 families, individuals and businesses. It helps drive economic development and strengthen communities by providing responsible financial services; lending to individuals, small businesses and nonprofits; developing real estate; and promoting fair financial practices across the nation. Through its credit union network, Self-Help serves 150,000 members in North Carolina, California, Illinois, South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin and Florida.The nonprofit Center for Community Self-Help is the umbrella organization for the Self-Help family of nonprofit organizations:
– Self-Help Credit Union
– Self-Help Federal Credit Union
– Self-Help Ventures Fund
– Center for Responsible Lending
Self Help’s mission is to create and protect ownership and economic opportunity for all. Self-Help does this by providing responsible financial services, lending to small businesses and nonprofits, developing real estate and promoting fair financial practices. While Self-Help’s work benefits communities of all kinds, the focus is on those who may be underserved by conventional lenders, including people of color, women, rural residents and low-wealth families and communities.
In recent years Self-Help’s credit union network has expanded as summarized here:
North Carolina. In recent years Self-Help Credit Union has merged with more than 10 community-focused credit unions.These locally rooted institutions were seeking to stabilize their operations and increase their products and services. For example, a 2014 merger with Generations Community Credit Union helped to preserve and expand services for predominantly African-American communities in eastern and central NC. More recently, Self-Help has had mergers with community credit unions in Florida and South Carolina.
California. In 2008, Self-Help started serving in California as Self-Help Federal Credit Union (SHFCU). SHFCU has grown through a number of mergers with community-focused credit unions throughout the state and also in the Chicago area and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In Los Angeles, Self-Help acquired five stores from a conventional check casher and converted them into a hybrid check casher/credit union model that serves unbanked and underbanked consumers.
Altogether, Self-Help Credit Union and Self-Help Federal Credit Union have merged with more than 20 credit unions and two banks to create a network of over 50 branches serving approximately 145,000 people in six states.

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