Removing the Masks

We all wear masks from time to time. How to Remove the Masks by Isha Judd      Everything we judge in others is an aspect of ourselves. When we learn to become aware of our automatic responses to the thing’s others, so we can go within and use the feelings that are triggered to heal ourselves. By doing this, we transform ourselves and the world around us. We constantly see and criticize how false people are, the masks they adopt, how they compromise, and the level of mediocrity that surrounds us. We see this on the outside, in the news headlines, on social networks, on TV, in novels, but can we see it in ourselves? We swear that we are not like that, but I invite you to open up to the possibility that maybe some of this belongs to you too. Not to judge yourself, but to eradicate what is internally sustaining (albeit subtly and surreptitiously), the existence of these aspects. Everything that annoys us externally is an aspect of us, and if we can recognize it, love it and heal it, it will no longer remain hidden within, capable of generating pain and causing suffering.   When we change, the world around us changes. When one heals those places of suffering, and the lack of love within, the vibration of love rises in everything.   We all deserve to experience this. How can I make this change? If I do not like something on the outside, first I need to ask myself: where is that within me? How can I change that in me? Moreover, then I must remain willing to make that change so that it can begin to happen. Here is an example: “They deceive me, they lie to me, they disappoint me, and they abandon me…

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