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The Trivia Encyclopedia (ISBN 0-441-82412-9) was first released in the early 1970s. Written by Fred L. Worth, it was the author’s own personal collection of trivia. It also contains “Worth’s Law”, his own personal creation, which states that something automatically works the minute the repairman arrives.
A best-selling book in its day, The Trivia Encyclopedia was brought back to public consciousness in the 1980s, when author Worth unsuccessfully sued the makers of Trivial Pursuit for copyright infringement. Worth claimed that they had sourced their questions from his books, even to the point of reproducing mis-prints and typographical errors. The “smoking gun” was Trivial Pursuit’s assertion that the TV character of Lt. Columbo had the first name “Philip”. This “fact” originally appeared in Worth’s book, but it was actually an invention of Worth’s that was entirely untrue.

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