Organize The Clutter at Home!

Every year, tons of material that could be recycled aren’t, and end up cluttering our already overwhelmed dumps, waterways and roadsides. We think it’s a difficult undertaking to organize the cluttering in your home. An easy step is to start recycling in your own home! With some creativity and commitment, it can be easier to do than you think. You’ll feel better about doing your part to care for the environment as a result, too. It also supplements my son’s income, meaning he’s staying out of my pocket. Find a convenient place in your home or apartment for the recycling center. It doesn’t take much room for your recyclables. The garage, a storage closet, corner of the kitchen, or under your kitchen sink all make great locations. Find and clearly label containers in which to store your recycled materials. Plastic buckets, storage containers or even trash cans work great depending on the amount of room you have available. Get everyone who lives at home actively involved in the recycling process. Especially all the kids, including for many of us the twenty somethings. Make sure they all are aware of what products can be recycled and how. While the kids are cleaning their rooms, teach them to be on the lookout for recyclable material lying around the house, and encourage them to place it in the proper storage bins. Encourage them to come up with ideas for reducing the amount of recycled material that’s consumed by your household. Take them along with you to the recycling center in your neighborhood so they can witness the process firsthand. Show them how they can reuse recyclable materials in their own organizational efforts at home. Perhaps a large cardboard box can double as a bin for all their shoes, or a coffee can be re-purposed as a penny bank. When they learn that money that can be both saved and earned from recycling and reusing products, they will have developed an environmentally healthy and thrifty habit for life. Procrastination