Law of Least Resistance and Dharma


First and foremost I would like to tell you that I am a tremendous fan. I have listened to all of your audio tapes repeatedly. They are so enjoyable, peaceful and so full of knowledge. However, I have a few questions. But I will start with one. In your book Seven Spiritual Laws of Success you state that one should chose the path of least resistance. I am currently doing pediatrics and entering child neurology. before transitioning from peds to child neurology, I informed my Peds Director about entering child neurology, she disapproved and then she made my life very difficult. My father also told me to just stick to peds and not do neurology. I listened to your tapes and thought about forgetting about child neuro. I was confused. But in the end, I kept saying that I should do it because it makes me happy regardless of the havoc it created around me. So what extent should I apply the rule of least resistance? What about minorities who fight for equality and are met
with resistance. Should they not fight for equality? I want to lead a spiritual and peaceful life but sometimes decisions I make upset people. What can you offer with regards to the philosophy of least resistance in my life?

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