Is the World Overwhelming You?

As fast-paced and crazy as the world is today, it is easy to find ourselves overwhelmed. Are You Being Overwhelmed?     Is the world around us getting to be too much to handle? You only have to watch television or read the many feeds on social media to see that there’s so much going on around the world. Extreme weather conditions, drama in politics, people losing their lives from many different reasons, homes being destroyed by fires or nature taking a turn for the worse. It seems to be getting too much to bring in, and for some, people are scared and nervous. Overwhelmed? What to do. When this happens, I always advise people to pull away from the news and social media, at least for a while. By doing so, you’re not pretending nothing is happening or choosing to ignore it! What you’re doing by pulling back is: you’re remembering who and what you are and acknowledging that you’re made of soul energy. You’re a soul that comes with a body … not a body that comes with a soul. You are a soul first, and stronger than you could ever imagine! And yes! One person can make a difference! When you want to pull back and experience the sensation of being with your soul, or when you feel that you need to slow the pace down when life gets chaotic, close your eyes, put your hands over your heart, breathe, and say to yourself: “Find your center.” By doing so, you’ll connect with your soul, where you’ll discover that you’re able to let go and relax into the present. Once you center yourself, you can send out that peaceful healing energy and thoughts to others. We often forget that we’re all made up of energy, and we’re…

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