Is Spoiling Your Teen Ruining Their Life?

Are you spoiling your teenager?  You might want to reconsider that. Spoiling Your Teen Is Ruining Their Life     I’ve been thinking about the way some teenagers are growing up these days. I see these kids all over. They’re angry and frustrated, miserable and lost, and it’s mainly the fault of their parents who’ve been letting them down. These teens are spoiled, overly entitled, self-centered and averse to hard work. They expect to win at everything they try, despite putting in hardly any effort. They don’t expect any real consequences for their lazy, selfish or bad behavior, and they focus on the pursuit of comfort and pleasure rather than on creating a meaningful existence for themselves, now and in the future. Perhaps the parents of these teens have been trying too hard to compensate for the harsh parenting they received. Perhaps they were neglected as children and are so devoid of self-love that they look to their children for their sense of worth. They think that being “nice” will enable them to feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, spoiling one’s children doesn’t make anyone in the family feel better. Neither parents nor children benefit from this approach. All it does is a foster disconnection, disrespect, even contempt. Overly “nice” parents are trying too hard to ingratiate themselves with their teens. They’re excessively lenient with their children, allowing them to come and go at all hours of the day and night. They tolerate being talked back to with the utmost disrespect. Their parents have set them up for a life of misery. These parents demand almost nothing from their teens and instead reward them for ordinary activities that any parent ought to expect from a child; for example, keeping their room clean or doing their homework. This fails to instill proper…

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