7 Ways to Deal with Insecurity and Uncertainty In A Relationship

This purpose of this article is to show couples how to deal with uncertainties and insecurities in their romantic relationship. This piece considers research studies that talk about how insecurities can trigger problems in an otherwise healthy relationship. Further cited research shows couples how to build trust and the important role that oxytocin plays in increasing trust between partners. Communication, comparisons to past relationships, and changing one’s perspective are also touched on in this article. How To Deal With Uncertainty And Insecurity In A Relationship By Sylvia Smith     Relationship uncertainty is an unpleasant feeling to have when trying to pursue something serious with a partner. If an individual is feeling uncertain or insecure about their partner, it could mean they don’t fully trust their spouse. It may also be a sign that they are feeling anxious about where the relationship is going. Or it could mean nothing at all. Insecurity can spring from past relationships or from seemingly nowhere at all. Even if a person believes they’ve found the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, insecurities can trigger doubt and create problems in a once healthy relationship Entering a new relationship should be an exciting, happy time in a person’s life. But for those who have had bad romantic experiences in the past, starting over can be a stressful experience.   How Uncertainty Ruins Healthy Relationships When an individual is experiencing uncertainty or insecurity in their relationship it can quickly create disharmony between partners. To begin with, not knowing where the relationship is going creates a lack of accountability between spouses. Can they trust that their partner is being faithful? If one were to lose their job, could they rely on their spouse to help carry the load? Without knowing how each partner feels about…

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