2019 Pisces New Moon

2019 Pisces New Moon – March 6, 2019 8:03 AM PST / 11:03 AM EST / 4:03 PM GMT 15 Pisces 47 Astrology Forecast for the 2019 Pisces New Moon     To listen to Astrologer Kathy Biehl discuss the Pisces New Moon 2019, click the player below.   The 2019 Pisces New Moon is a woozy-making, escapist exercise. It serves up a double dose of otherworldliness right while our experience changes of the ground beneath our feet. The day itself could be confusing to the max, and that vibe continues through much of the month. We might not mind, though. Actually, we might not notice. This New Moon introduces no new influences. Instead, it escalates what we’ve been experiencing, and then some. Pisces is the sign of boundless water, imagination, formlessness, and inter-connectedness. It’s dreamland and funhouse mirrors, religious heights and other kinds of high. We’re more than well acquainted with it these days. We’ve been exploring this territory for the past nine years as Chiron passed through it. He may have left it on Valentine’s (more about that in a moment), but we’re not getting out for a few weeks. What’s more, we’re experiencing the sign’s propensity for boundlessness and blurring of boundaries more than usual. Reason one is that the sign’s ruler is at the helm: Dreamweaver Neptune, lord of the seas and ruler of illusion, higher love and everything that transcends earthly experience. His close proximity to the New Moon envelopes it in mists, fog, visions, and glamour, which blur perceptions and disable logic. Reason two is that Neptune’s getting assistance in unmooring us. He’s in a mutually expanding clash with boundless Jupiter in Sagittarius, which has an overdrive effect as if bigger and bigger clouds are billowing and spreading from a fog machine. The pair…

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